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Mozilla gives Firefox Focus a browser brain transplant on Android

Firefox Focus, Mozilla's lightweight mobile browser, became a little more like an ordinary browser and a lot more like regular Firefox on Tuesday. Focus is a stripped-down browser initially designed for spur-of-the moment web interactions, blocking ad trackers and keeping no browsing history so you get more privacy. When it first arrived on Android, it used the built-in Google software for showing web pages. The new version, though, uses Mozilla's own Gecko engine instead, a move Mozilla says will speed…

TV and Movies news

Game of Thrones season 8 premiere recap: Reunions, dragons and swords on fire

    Jon Snow has been mumbling about the coming cold for seven seasons, the citizens of King's Landing have been pulling their winter woollies out of the back closet and now it's finally time. Winter is here on Game of Thrones! Game of Thrones season 8 kicked off with a bang on Sunday, and episode one was everything we hoped for. And because this show is more complicated than the Dewey Decimal system at the Citadel library, we've got everything you…